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Packages containing controlled drugs and items bearing traces of drugs

Rely on the forensic experience of R H Forensic Consultancy to assess drugs traces evidence for court cases concerning the possession or supply of controlled drugs. The majority of my clients are criminal defence solicitors and barristers disputing findings. Formerly employed by the Forensic Science Service, I provide an impartial analysis, and my final report is unbiased. My findings may assist with the prosecution or defence case. 


Needle - Drug Traces

Drug Traces Evidence

In a court case, the defendant may dispute the prosecution findings and request an independent analysis of the drugs seized. I review the work of prosecution forensic scientists, using access to laboratory facilities if necessary.

I can comment on the significance of the levels of any drugs detected on items considering whether these could arise from accidental contamination or from genuine possession of the drugs. An example of my work is reviewing evidence of drug traces on banknotes.


First, we discuss the requirements of the work, and I provide an estimate for the work to be carried out. This may involve analytical work, followed by an expert’s report in the form of a witness statement, which can then be used in a court of law.

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