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Comparison of Controlled Drugs & Packaging Materials

At R H Forensic Consultancy, I seek to establish whether or not there is any scientific evidence for a link between controlled drugs and/or drug packaging materials in items seized by the police. This may be useful for the prosecution case or the defence case, respectively .    When comparing drugs and packaging materials, my specialist training allows me to assess 'chemical profiles' of the drugs and manufacturing detail on the packaging materials.  

Considering scientific findings 

There may be differences between packages of drugs found, for example, in a defendant’s car and drug packages found at the defendant’s home address. These differences, which could be in respect of the compositions of the drugs or the manufacturing sources of the packaging materials in seized items, must be verified.

Starting with an initial consultation by telephone or email, a defence barrister may ask me questions through a solicitor. The evidence I provide may or may not support a defendant’s case if he or she is accused of, for example, supplying drugs. 

Specialist Equipment

I have more than 25 years of experience examining the chemical compositions of drug materials.  I am able to use specialist equipment to examine manufacturing detail on packaging materials, such as plastic or cling film. This may be able to show unequivocally that packaging materials came from the same source or from different sources.

Test Tubes - Packaging Materials

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