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Assessments of Cannabis Cultivation & Synthetic Drug Production

Through R H Forensic Consultancy in Norwich, Norfolk, I provide assessments of cannabis cultivation sites and the illicit manufacture of synthetic drugs, such as amphetamine derivatives. 

I provide estimates of potential yields from crops of cannabis plants at cultivation sites, taking into account the number of plants present and the equipment installed, with consideration of whether the plants may have been grown for personal use or for commercial gain. If there are many case papers and photographs which have to be reviewed, my rates are based on a tailored price; the size of a cannabis cultivation scene is a key factor in determining this price.  I review photographic evidence from cannabis cultivation sites and relevant witness statements from forensic scientists and police officers involved in a case.

Where necessary, I examine sample cannabis plants seized from cannabis cultivation sites (where the bulk of the plants have been destroyed by the police) or samples of materials seized from synthetic drug production facilities. 

Cannabis - Synthetic Drugs

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